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Kat Martin, ND, LM (On maternity leave as of September 2009)

My journey as a midwife began when I was 4 years old, although at the time all I could articulate to my parents was that I wanted to "help babies out." I spent much of my academic career preparing to become an obstetrician. During my pre-medical curriculum at Indiana University, I was fortunate to work with a few OBs. What I found was that although they were giving adequate care, it was not the type of care that I envisioned myself providing. My experiences with them made me question the road I was on and caused me to set off on another, unknown path. I was searching for a kind of medicine that was different from what currently existed in my immediate surroundings. So, I switched gears. I graduated with a dual degree in biology and anthropology, hoping the combination of the hard science and socio-cultural aspects of community would help me establish a solid conceptual foundation for the medical practice I sought to develop. I spent the next two years trying to find how I was going to practice medicine.

When I learned about Bastyr University, where I could pursue my interests in natural medicine and childbirth, I knew I wasn't crazy to believe there was an alternative. After five years of incredibly rigorous work, I completed the training to become both a naturopathic physician and licensed midwife. During my training in both naturopathic and midwifery care, I attended more than 100 women in labor, spent over 2500 hours working with senior doctors and midwives, and met many wonderful individuals. I spent time traveling and volunteering in Ghana, primarily doing health education and prevention with AIDS/HIV patients, and in the island nation of Vanuatu, where I had the pleasure of working with the midwives in the extremely busy local hospital maternity ward. All of the events in my life have led me to this path, this place, this time...perhaps to your birth.

My passion for midwifery has a foundation in choice, both for myself as a practitioner and for the women and their families having babies. My goals in midwifery care include striving to provide a safe, loving environment in which to welcome baby, to protect families' rights to choose their healthcare and to empower parents through education and informed choices. Ultimately, it's your birthing process, your baby, and your choice where to labor.

I believe that birth is a normal, natural process that can be both powerful and empowering. The miracle of birth is an event that belongs to the mother, her partner, and their community. As one of nature's most precious gifts, birth allows a woman to access her truest power; creating and bringing forth a new life into this world. I believe that a woman has all that she needs within herself, and I will facilitate the birth process, only intervening when absolutely necessary. My goal as your midwife is to educate families about the nature of pregnancy and the natural birthing process, as well as dispel some of the fear and anxiety that is so often associated with pregnancy in our society. I can be your mentor and expert advisor; however you and your partner are ultimately responsible for your decisions.

I live in Seattle with my husband Darth, our dog Gunther, and our cat Cheech. When not working, I enjoy whole foods cooking, hiking, sewing, yoga, singing, reading, and spending time with my husband, my community, and myself.